Linux driver for DeTeWe Eumex/OpenCom ISDN terminal adaptor (TA) and PBX devices

About this project

We are developing Linux driver and userspace utilities for many (USB-)devices made by DeTeWe (vendor id: 0x086c). These are known as Eumex/OpenCom ISDN PBXes but also TAs such as BeeTel Home 100 or TA33 USB. Since these devices are only Windows-supported and no spec is available by their vendor ("Deutsche Telefonwerke - DeTeWe"), we reverse engineer the used device driver protocols. The Eumex devices are mainly distributed in german speaking countrys, and this also is a german project, nevertheless we will try to answer your english requests. For more detailed information see our README file.

Status of the driver

At this time we have only written code for the USB devices, but a driver for the serial port and ISDN over Ethernet is currently under development.

Which devices are currently (23.09.05) supported?

(Internet-)Dial in: Already working devices are Telekom Eumex 504PC USB, EuraCom 140 USB, Eumex 504PC SE, Eumex 604PC HomeNet, Eumex 704PC DSL, Eumex 704 LAN, DeTeWe TA33 USB. These devices are untested, but they should also work: Eumex 220PC, Eumex 200, Eumex 724 DSL, OpenCom 30, OpenCom 30plus, OpenCom 40dsl, OpenCom 45dsl and BeeTel Home 100.

Configuration (only geman for now, gettext() support is planned): Working devices include Eumex 504PC USB, EuraCom 140 USB, Eumex 604PC HomeNet, Eumex 704PC DSL. Untested devices, which should also work: OpenCom 30, TA33 USB and BeeTel Home 100. The others may be partially

Router control: Working devices: Eumex 604PC HomeNet, Eumex 704PC DSL, Eumex 704 LAN and OpenCom 40dsl. The router of the OpenCom 30plus is only a software solution.

Firmware update: Working for Eumex 504PC USB aka EuraCom 140 USB, Eumex 604PC HomeNet, Eumex 704PC DSL and der Eumex 704 LAN. Sould also work for OpenCom 30, OpenCom 40dsl, TA33 USB, BeeTel Home 100, Eumex 200 and Eumex 220PC. For the Eumex 504 SE and OpenCom 30plus devices this will only work with firmware files not greater as 232 kb.

Where to get the latest release of the driver?

The latest release of the device driver are availiable from our Sourceforge download page but you can also directly download eumex-0.1.2.tar.bz2 or eumex-0.1.2.tar.gz.

Where can I report bugs?

Go here and fill out an bug report. Thanks!


If you want to get the latest developer version of the driver, you should check out our CVS. Logo